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  The Complete Reference to Chinese Art Web Sites
  [ by Weiqing Huang ]


  New Chinese (*****) (English)  
"Center for Contemporary Chinese Art", contains such art categories as paintings, printr, woodcuts, sculptures, photographs, computer images, installations. 
  Art Scene China (*****) (English)  
"Contemporary Chinese Art Gallery". Art Scene China specializes in top quality contemporary Chinese paintings, prints and woodcuts based in Beijing, Shanghai, and Hong Kong.
  Chinese Artist Gallery (****)
Chinese painting and calligraphy.
  China Avant Garde (****) (English)  
is an art advisory service for private and corporate collectors focusing on contemporary Chinese painting and photography. Unique design.
  Art Exhibition online, Hong Kong, 'Signed and Sealed' - a portfolio(****) (English)  
Limited Edition abstract calligraphy by Pat Elliott Shircore, images created from original historical documents (China and Britain, Hong Kong Handover 1997) - Gallery Opus is in Hong Kong, where the exhibition is on permanent exhibition.
  Chinese Arts and Paintings (****) (English)  
has original Chinese brushstroke paintings, woodblock prints of masterpieces by artists such as Qi Baishi, galleries of artists' own works, and beautiful wool embroidery. Paintings include landscapes, figures, birds and flowers, animals, Tibet and Yunan painitings and many others.
  The Hefiner Collection of Contemporary Chinese Oil Painting (****)
  China Art (****) (Chinese GB)  
  China Net Art Gallery (****)
by China Business Net Pages offers Chinese Landscape Painting Exhibition by Huang Zhengxiang, Chinese Country Art Exhibition by Feng Shanyan, and Chinese Papercut Art Exhibition by Gao Fenglian.


  Red Gate Gallery (****) (Beijing) (English)  

Since 1991 Red Gate Gallery exhibits artworks of contemporary Chinese artists. Red Gate was founded in 1991 by Australian Brian Wallace. The gallery is at Levels 1 & 4, Dongbianmen Watchtower, Chongwenmen, Beijing

  CourtYard Gallery (****) (Beijing) (English)  

The concept of the CourtYard Gallery is the vision of Handel Lee, an American attorney at Vinson & Elkins, Beijing. Opened in May of 1996, the CourtYard is situated in a unique location in Beijing; directly across form the East Gate of the Forbidden City in a traditional courtyard house that was originally part of this imperial palace.



  Chang Dai-chien in California  (****) (English)
an exhibition of more than 40 paintings by the acclaimed Chinese artist and other materials, September 26 through November 20, 1999 in the Fine Arts Gallery in the Fine Arts Building on San Francisco State University campus.
  Artist William Shih-Chieh Hung's Oil Painting (***) (English)
is a masterful painter.

Chinese Classic Furniture

  Classical Chinese Furniture  (*****) (English)
embraces the range of artistry and craftsmanship found in the finest traditional Chinese furniture. The site offers a wealth of information for Chinese furniture enthusiasts, scholars and collectors. A  selection of subject-related books is also now available through the "Chinese Furniture Bookstore".
  Chinese Antique Furniture  (***) (Seattle, WA) (English)
an antique furniture store in Seattle.

Art Museum

  The National Palace Museum of Taiwan  (****)

Companies and Organizations

  China National Arts & Crafts Import & Export Group Corp. (***)
  Shopping for Chinese Arts and Crafts