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  The Complete Reference to China/Chinese Related TV Programs
  [ by Weiqing Huang ]
  PBS Programs

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 icn_pointyellow.gif (328 bytes) Becoming American: The Chinese Experience (****) (English)

IN the saga of American immigration, the Chinese experience is relatively unknown. It is a story about identify and belonging that will resonate with all Americans.

 icn_pointyellow.gif (328 bytes) Frontline: China In the Red (****) (English)

a two-hour documentary that tells the stories of 10 Chinese individuals -- factory workers, rural villagers, and a millionaire entrepreneur -- caught up in China's dramatic, ongoing effort to modernize its economy.

 icn_pointyellow.gif (328 bytes) The American Experience: Nixon's China Game (****) (English)
 icn_pointyellow.gif (328 bytes) NOVA Online: Secrets of Lost Empires: China Bridge (****) (English)

documents a 1999 effort by a NOVA-assembled crew of scholars and timber framers to design and build a Chinese bridge known only from an ancient painting.

 icn_pointyellow.gif (328 bytes) NOVA Online: Sultan's Lost Treasures (****) (English)

The program follows a French-led expedition to recover thousands of porcelain and other artifacts from a centuries-old Chinese shipwreck off the coast of Brunei.

 icn_pointyellow.gif (328 bytes) Six Billion and Beyond: China (****) (English)
 icn_pointyellow.gif (328 bytes) The Gate of Heavenly Peach (*****) (English
a documentary about the protests at Tiananmen in 1989, and the resulting Beijing Massacre of June 4.
  CNN Programs

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