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  The Complete Reference to the Web Sites of Shanghai
  [ by Weiqing Huang ]
Hong Kong
Inner Mongolian
Taipei and Taiwan
North China  (Hebei, Shangdong, Henan)
Northeastern  (Heilongjiang, Jilin, Liaoning)
South China  (Guangdong, Guangxi, Fujian, and Hainan)
Southwestern  (Sichuan, Yunnan, Guizhou, and Chongqing)
Northwest and West
Central China  (Hubei, Hunan, Jiangxi)
East China  (Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Anhui)
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 icn_pointyellow.gif (328 bytes) (****) (English/Chinese GB/Big5) 
is a Shanghai portal site offering information on attractions, business, and others.
 icn_pointyellow.gif (328 bytes) Shanghai Online (****) (Chinese GB Only) 
is a Shanghai portal site
 icn_pointyellow.gif (328 bytes) Ar! Shanghai Males  
  by Taiwan famous writer Long Ying Tai.
 icn_pointyellow.gif (328 bytes) Shanghai Top 9 Scenery (****) (Chinese GB Only) 
  a Shanghai scenery pictorial site.
 icn_pointyellow.gif (328 bytes) Shanghai Panorama (****)  
is consisted of Shanghai Panorama Homepage, Shanghai Panorama BluePage, Shanghai Panorama WhitePage, Shanghai Panorama CityWalk, and Shanghai LateLine. This is a wonderful site about Shanghai.
 icn_pointyellow.gif (328 bytes) Shanghai and Taiwan (****) (Chinese GB/Big5)  
is a site dedicated to Shanghai and Taiwan relations.
 icn_pointyellow.gif (328 bytes) Shanghai On Internet (****)  
by U.C. Computer Co. Ltd is trying to provide comprehensive information regarding Shanghai.
 icn_pointyellow.gif (328 bytes) Shanghai Post (*****) (Chinese GB Only) 
provides email-to-snail mail service.
 icn_pointyellow.gif (328 bytes) Shanghai Public Culture Network (*****) (Chinese GB Only) 
is a Shanghai portal site run by the Propaganda Department of Shanghai Municipal Commission of Chinese Communist Party.
 icn_pointyellow.gif (328 bytes) Shanghai Window (***) by China-Window  
 icn_pointyellow.gif (328 bytes) Shanghai Windows (****) (Chinese GB Only) 
is run by Shanghai Ineternet Co., Ltd.
 icn_pointyellow.gif (328 bytes) Shanghai Community Service Network (***) (Chinese GB Only)  
run by Shanghai Community Service Center.
 icn_pointyellow.gif (328 bytes) Shanghai Walker (***) (English / Japanese /  
provides many Shanghai scenic pictures. This site is in Japan.
Chinese GB/Big5) 
 icn_pointyellow.gif (328 bytes) Shanghai Super-Express (***) (English / Japanese /  
  is a site contain information not only regarding Shanghai.
Chinese GB/Big5) 
 icn_pointyellow.gif (328 bytes) Tour in Shanghai  
 icn_pointyellow.gif (328 bytes) Look At Shanghai  
of Cyberway CompuComm (Shanghai) has many pictures of new buildings in Shanghai.
 icn_pointyellow.gif (328 bytes) Shanghai Post and Telecommunication Administration  
 icn_pointyellow.gif (328 bytes) Shanghai Metro (***) (English) 
introduction of Shanghai Metro project by Railway Technology.
 icn_pointyellow.gif (328 bytes) Uninet (***)  
is an Internet Service Provider in Shanghai. Its site contains information regarding Shanghai Modern Statistics Industry Developing Center and Shanghai MinHang as well as Shanghai Symphony Orchestra Concert Schedule.
 icn_pointyellow.gif (328 bytes) Pudong, Shanghai, China (***)  
-- the world's largest economic developing zone
 icn_pointyellow.gif (328 bytes) Yangpu, Shanghai, China (***)  
 icn_pointyellow.gif (328 bytes) Daying, China  (**)  
 icn_pointyellow.gif (328 bytes) Shanghai Grand Theater (****) (English/Chinese GB)
features facilities, performance, ticket, history, organization, and more.
 icn_pointyellow.gif (328 bytes) Shanghai Center (**)  
 icn_pointyellow.gif (328 bytes) The Shanghai University (**)  
 icn_pointyellow.gif (328 bytes) Please also see Shanghai ISP's web sites for more information  
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 icn_pointyellow.gif (328 bytes) Shanghai Transportation Network (****) (Chinese GB Only) 
provides transportation news, police and rules, companies, and ...
  Shanghai Government Agencies  Go to Top!
 icn_pointyellow.gif (328 bytes) Shanghai Radio, Film, Television Bureau (SRFT) (*****) (Chinese GB Only)
  You can read magazines, watch TV, listen radio, and watch the live view of Shanghai here.